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Revì (Aldeno)
1982 Paolo Malfer decided to establish Revì, a wine firm that finds its own inspiration in the fizz, after years of tests and proofs, through them he has perfected the production’s techniques, which he had studied at school. The name “Revì” derives from the toponym of the production’s zone. This area, in according to the legend, was perfect for the cultivation of a superior kind of vine. From this vine a royal wine was obtained: the King Wine. (“Re Vin” are two dialectal terms which mean “King Wine”, in everyday speech the words are apocopated and “Re Vin” becomes Revì). Paying an extreme attention to the research of the highest quality and always maintaining a strong bond with the territory of Trentino, Revì produces only TRENTODOC quality, the sparkling wine of Trentino. During the years the other family members have been infected by the passion, which has permitted the establishment of the firm, and thanks to a close cooperation, the number of bottles and of the produced typologies of TRENTODOC sparkling wine increased. Nowadays Revì confirms its mission: being a synonymous of excellence in the production of TRENTODOC.
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